Friday, February 11, 2011

1940s Radio Hour


Hunter Andrews,
Pops Bailey

Jake McCollum,

James Hodge*,
Clifton A Peddingtonm will be added to additional songs

Zoot Doubleman

Jake McCollum,

Maggie Miller,Wally becomes Sally

Ashley Love*,
Lou Cohn, will not do all sound effects

Shawn Moore*,
Johnny Cantone

Katie Jacoby,
Ginger Brooks

Molly Lightfoot*,
Connie Miller

Noah Anderson*,
B.J. Gibson

Sarah Gates*,
Neal Tilden becomes Jan Tilden

Alex Tucker*,
Neal Tilden becomes Dan Tilden

Paityn Korner*,
Anne Collier

Hannah Jacoby*,
Geneva Lee Brown

Blake DeForest*,
Biff Baker

Lauren Christiansen*,
Alyse Higgins*,
Morgan Jones,
Madison Massey*,
Taryn Reese*,
The McCartney Sisters,
Helen, Marilyn, Sallie; Linda & Kathryn

 Alaura Bingham*,
Kurt Lee*,
Emily White*,
The Sisters Struther, Add a Brother


Cami Cortney*,
Jessica Willadsen*,
Student Directors

Andrew O’Reilley*,
Stage Manager

Becca Piercy*,
Assistant Stage Manager

Jorge Villalta*,
Technical Director

Stacie Brandt*,
Bailey Shaw*,
Scenic Artists/Assistant Set Designers

Taylor Kuhn*,
Program Coordinator

Megan Fender*,
Props Design

Taylor Stuart*,
Kelsey Walker*,

Samantha Wimmer,
Production Secretary

Stephanie Brandt*,
Wigs & Makeup Design

Zach Finley*,
Lightboard Operator & Designer

Ricky O’Doniell*,
Oliver Villalta,

Tyler Coljat,
Andrew Sachs,
Sound Board Operators

Marina Greco,
Suraj Mahathantila,
Alex Turner,
Jeff Wallin*,
Technical Flex Team is
a team that supports all production elements


It’s nice to begin in such a “chillaxed” manner. It’s also nice to be working with such a small, talented cast. Very nice.

Thanks to all of the 75 students who attended general meetings for this year’s musical. We think we’ve chosen a great group to make our show successful.

We will have a read-through/sing-through for all actors and directors on Monday, February 21, 2011 and Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 3:00 PM in the Drama Room.
Please check your texts this weekend about the Parent Meeting scheduled for Monday evening. There is a possibility that it will be rescheduled for the following Monday.

Thanks! Be excited…we are.

McG & Ms. D

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