Saturday, May 31, 2008

ITS Members Elect 2008-2009 Titan International Thespian Society Officers

MEETING MINUTES * May 28, 2008 * 2:55 PM
Lewis Central High School Drama Room

Mr. McLaughlin called the meeting to order at 2:55 pm.

Members in Attendance: Austin Blay, Tyler Butler, Whitney Clark, Camilla Cortney, Billy Coon, Blake DeForest, Brooke Elliff, Shannon Gascoigne, Pat Gillespie, Alexis Grgurich, Andrew Gulden, Mark Hamilton, Olivia Handy, Taylor Hughes, Hannah Jacoby, Katie Jacoby, Elizabeth Knoble, Taylor Kuhn, Jenna Ladd, Nicole McGuire, Becca McMillen, Tayler Mehsling, David Mescher, Jordan Morgan** , Kelsey Moore, Jami Mundt, Jessica Nightser, Maddie Overholtzer, Ryan Penney, Lauren Petri, Sarah Piercy, Alysha Rau, Ben Rausch, Megan Reif, Cole Schnitker, Rachel Shrader, Alaina Walker, Matt Wolf, Courtney Zucca

Absent Members: Nathan Black, Eric Clark**, Molly Cox (excused), Jarren Jenkins, Jared Juel, Danny Lich (excused), Alex Mares, Sara Marshall, Jerrod Scheffel, Mikael Scheffel, Matt Sharp, Chloe Smith , Kyle Wineland

**Non-voting member until inducted

The members of Lewis Central's Chapter of the International Thespian Society packed the LC Drama Room on the last official school day of the term to elect its officers and begin plans for some summer social activities to kick-off a fantastic 2008-2009 LC Department of Drama season.

Troupe #5150 members amended the ITS Constitution to rewrite the description of Vice-President to be ITS Junior President, an assistant to the ITS Senior President in achieving the Troupe's goals and conducting its business. The vote carried unanimously.

Mr. McLaughlin appointed an ad-hoc elections committee to count the ballots for the elections.

Ben Rausch was elected 2008-2009 ITS President.

Mr. McLaughlin handed the gavel over to ITS President Ben Rausch to conduct the remainder of the business for the meeting.

Courtney Zucca was elected 2008-2009 ITS Junior President.

Camilla Cortney was elected 2008-2009 Secretary.

Matt Wolf was elected 2008-2008 Treasurer.

Members decided to modify its ITS Summer Leadeship Academy to move from a two or three day meeting to three days spread out over the summer. One day will be held in each month of the summer. The group will socialize and begin planning the fall play, the Drama II play and the spring musical. The group will also work to implement the Drama I Showcase each term during the year.

The meeting adjourned at 3:40 PM.