Monday, June 9, 2008

ITS Summer Leadership Academy Part I of III: Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 17, 2008 * ITS Dinner Meeting
6:00 PM * Location To Be Announced

Newly elected ITS President Ben Rausch and Mr. McLaughiln have started plans for a blockbuster 2008-2009 season for the Lewis Central Drama Department. We do need to take care of some business before the school year starts.

In the past we have had a two or three day ITS Summer Leadership Academy in August. However, since we are publishing a joint Performing Arts Calendar this year and since our vocal and band camps are beginning in late July and running up until the Friday before school starts, we will be splitting our meeting up during the summer. WE ALSO WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT WE DO SOME TEAM-BUILDING, SOCIALIZING & FUN THINGS BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS.

So, please save Tuesday, June 17, 2008 at 6:00 PM for a dinner meeting. We are looking into the possibility of Buffalo Wild Wings, Quaker Steak Oil and Lube. However, we do have some business to conduct and we are concerned about having an environment where we can (1) install our officers; (2) begin the play and musical selection process; (3) discuss some possible changes in the calendar; and (4) have some fun, fun, fun... We are thinking about using the meeting room at Village Inn or the meeting room at Tish's. What are your thoughts? Let us know... None of us is as strong as ALL OF US.
If you have any suggestions, ideas, or need to chat Mr. McLaughlin (712.326.8557), Ben Rausch (618.979.7925) or Courtney Zucca (402.980.8029). We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, June 17, 2008 at 6:00 PM. Email Mr. McLaughlin to let us know whether you can make it or not so we can make reservations. We will need a pretty accurate number. Hope summer is treating you well!

Monday, June 2, 2008

ITS Induction Script

Lewis Central High School
International Thespian Society Induction
Spring of 2009

Mr. McLaughlin: We will begin tonight with our induction ceremony. If you could please take your seats and turn off your phones or silence them as we are about to begin. Please refrain from taking photographs during the ceremony. There will be an opportunity to take photographs at the conclusion of the ceremony.

(Blake waits 15 seconds and begins drum beat. Lights fade once drum beats begin. Five beats into the ceremony, Danny knocks on the door three times, pauses 10 second and knocks three times again.)

Who are these strangers that knock on the doors of our theatre and seek admittance into this, our Society.

Danny Lich: They are worth initiates who have proved their commitment to our school, the drama program and their peers.

Mr. McLaughlin: Then bid them enter and take their spots on the stage to await further instructions.

(Wait for students to take their spots on the stage. )

Ben: “Friends, it is a pleasure to welcome you here to share in the induction of 18 members into Lewis Central High School’s Troupe No. 5150 of the International Thespian Society.

Through hard work, sacrifice, and dedication, the candidates have earned the right to be called Thespians. It is a title of honor, signifying a commitment to an art as old as humanity.

Courtney: “Commitment to theatre is what the International Thespian Society is all about. The Society was established in 1929 by a group of college and high schools teachers in Fairmont, West Virginia. They named their organization for Thespis. During the Sixth century before Christ, one of the writers of tragedy who won the approval of the priests at the Festival of Dionysus was Thespis.

Jenna: About 535 BC a new dimension was added to drama when Thespis, a prominent leader of the chorus, stepped from that group and recited portions of the drama alone, thereby becoming the first professional actor.

Brooke: We also believe that it was he who first used masks so that a person could portray more than one part. In honor of this early Greek playwright, all actors are called thespians.

Cami: In his honor we are the International Thespian Society. We have as our emblem the two masks of comedy and tragedy etched in colors of gold and blue bound together with the Thespian ’T.’

Nicole: Wearers of this emblem should remember that it represents a proud and dignified heritage, and that this heritage is now entrusted to us—to you.

Blake: In the 77 years since, the Society has grown into an international organization with more than two million members, but its goals haven’t changed; the Thespian Society still strives to make arts education and drama programs places for good theatre and to honor those students whose work in the theatre is excellent.

Jenna: The Society is the highest honor a secondary student can earn in drama. It is an organization dedicated to service and integrity. As a member of ITS, you join a group that includes not only accomplished actors but people who have distinguished themselves in business, science, law, medicine, and every other field of endeavor.

Katie: “We join here for a rite of renewal and celebration.” We now ask all new members of the Thespian Troupe #5150 to please step forward as we read your name.

Brooke Elliff: The new Inductees are:
(students step forward into the spotlight, there is a pause in the reading after each inductee, inductee crosses to light his/her candle)
Shaylia Barber
Alaura Bingham
Ryan Epperson
Megan Fender
(students step forward into the spotlight, there is a pause in the reading after each inductee, inductee crosses to light his/her candle)
James Hodge
Sarah Gates
Doug Johnstone
Jennifer Leafty

(students step forward into the spotlight, there is a pause in the reading after each inductee, inductee crosses to light his/her candle)

Kaiti Madsen
Erick Martin
Sabrina McKeever
Michael Miller
(students step forward into the spotlight, there is a pause in the reading after each inductee, inductee crosses to light his/her candle)
Shawn Moore
Ricky O'Doniel
Rebekah Piercy
Derek Sevener

(students step forward into the spotlight, there is a pause in the reading after each inductee, inductee crosses to light his/her candle)
Ben Tweedt
Jorge Villalta
Jessica Willadsen
Jeff Wallin

ALL: Congratulations on earning the right of calling yourself a Thespian.

Courtney: Will all current members and members in our audience please stand, and join the new members in saying our Thespian Pledge. Raise your right hand and repeat after the Honorable Troupe Director.

MCLAUGHLIN: “I promise to uphold the aims and ideals of the International Thespian Society. / I am a friend to the performing arts, / to morality, / to integrity, / to character, / to loyalty and to my fellow Thespians, / and to the Lewis Central Theatre Department. /
I am and always will remain a student of drama. / Excellence – not perfection – is my ideal. / I promise to perform my part as well as I can; / to accept praise and criticism with grace; / to cooperate with my fellow Thespians/ and work for the good for the troupe; / and the share my love of theatre. / It is my goal that after having labored in the theatre, / it will stand a taller and stronger institution.”

Guest members and alums may now be seated.

Hannah: “Congratulations and welcome to the Society, and remember our motto, which comes from Alexander Pope’s ‘Essay on Man’:’Act well your part; there all the honor lies.”

Becca: Your hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, and love of the theatre has rewarded you with on of the greatest honors that you could receive in high school.

Nicole: We, too, are honored to have you join our Troupe. The tradition of the International Thespian Society at Lewis Central High School has seen many talented people come and go and we are certainly glad that all of you have joined us.

Molly: It has been amazing to see your talent blossom in this program. The past years have been wonderful for drama and we are glad that you are, and will be, a part of it. We will not forget what each individual will bring to the program.

Mark: Miracles have taken place where you have stood. Just look around you, everyone that is here tonight has given something great to the theatre and to you.

Blake: No one could fill the shoes that you wear… we gave you the baton and you ran madly with it.

Whitney: For that, the world and we recognize you into the International Thespian Society at Lewis Central High School. Congratulations!!

McLaughlin: Please join us in welcoming the newest member of our three million member Society by standing and applauding their excellence.

Parents and guests who would like to take photographs can join us in taking photographs now.

Please join us in the front two rows of the auditorium for our awards show tonight.