Monday, August 9, 2010

Audience Participation Script Finalists Announced

So, although there's an outside chance of producting TONY N' TINA'S WEDDING, it doesn't look good.  The good new is there are tons of improvisational, interactive shows handled through Samuel French.  We are busy researching the shows for quality.  I am calling a meeting of any ITS Members who are interested in helping us make a final selection.

The first two choices are probably the finalists.  We need all ITS Members to help us promote auditions, the show and to get the "best and the brightest" to be involved in the fall play.  Mr. Heckman and Mr. McLaughlin will meet this week and review the scripts to make a choice.  We are leaning towards AWESOME 80's PROM because it would sort of be a hybrid between a school dance and a play and could be great fun.  We also like HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ANGEL! LOVE, GINO as it seems like TONY N' TINA at their five year anniversary.  Regardless of the choice, we really don't like directing the same show more than once.  We can use our experience with TONY N' TINA to make this a smooth process.  We're excited about the improv, the audience participation and the food!

·THE AWESOME 80s PROM By Ken Davenport and the Class of '89 Comedy, Audience Participation/Interactive. 11m, 8f Unit Set 80s. Prom is a brand new blast-from-the-past party in the style of Tony 'n Tina's Wedding and The Donkey Show set at Wanaget High's Senior Prom... in 1989! All your favorite characters from your favorite '80s movies are at THE PROM, from the Captain of the Football Team to the Asian Exchange Student, from the Geek to the hottie Head Cheerleader, and they're all competing for Prom King and Queen. And just like on "American Idol", the audience decides who wins! Come back in time and join the breakdance circle or just sit back and watch the '80s drama unfold.

· HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ANGEL! LOVE, GINO By Family Jewels Creations. Conceived and written by Jay D. Spencer, Stefanie R. Coletti and Cheryl D. Smith. 10m, 8f, optional extras. Gino Paolucci is throwing a big anniversary bash for his beautiful wife, Angel! You're invited to join in the celebration of their fifth wedding anniversary as they renew their vows at the zaniest party you'll ever be a part of! Watch the loving couple attempt to "re-tie their knot" and witness the crazy calamities and mishaps surrounding the celebration. Then sit down to a sizzling family feast, dance to a live DJ and interact with the Guests of Honor and their crazy but lovable relatives and delightful friends!

·FINNEGAN’S FAREWELL by Kevin Alexander. 8m, 6f plus dancers and musicians.
The audience has come to say goodbye to Patrick James Finnegan a mailman who won 2.5 million dollars playing the slots at Atlantic City and then promptly dropped dead.

·NOIR SUSPICIONS by David Landau. Music and Lyrics by Nikki Stern. 4m., 3f.
This hard-boiled comic mystery sequel to the ever-popular Murder at Café Noir ex-private dick Nick Archer is now the confused manager of Café Noir on the island of Mustique. A tribute to Casablanca with many references to the classic movie, Noir Suspicions is guaranteed to delight audiences whether of not they are familiar with Murder at Café Noir.

·LAFFERTY’S WAKE by Susan Turlish. 4m., 3f.  Our darlin' wild rover Charlie Lafferty is being waked in grand style in his home away from home, the local pub. The audience joins Charlie's widow, his sweet daughter and bumbling son in law, the parish priest and the savvy innkeeper as they celebrate the life and times of ramblin', gamblin' Lafferty.

· GRANDMA SYLVIA’S FUNERAL by Glenn Wein and Amy Lord Blumsack. 12 m., 10 f.
Audiences flock to join the bereaved at this Jewish funeral, where the mourners (i.e. the audience) are treated to fond remembrances, biographical anecdotes, shameless bickering and vaudeville like turns with the dearly departed's friends and family.


Alex and Sarah said...

Sarah and I like the idea of the 80's prom and finnegans farewell

Taylor Kuhn said...

I think the 80's prom one would be a blast to do!

James Hodge said...

I like the idea of Awesome 80's prom (which i've seen) and Finnegans Farewell. I think they would be perfect for us!!

Ben Tweedt said...

I think 80s prom would be a blast!

Camilla Cortney said...

Personally, since we just did Fame, I don't want to do something with the 80's. I like the whole wedding idea. So if we can't do TNTW, then I propose the Happy Aniversary one, where there is still a wedding ceremony.